16th International Photodynamic Association World Congress

Symposium 5

Symposium 5
Mechanisms of PDT
Chairs Zvi Malik
Ligia Gomes-da-Silva
17:00 Redaporfin photodynamic therapy induces the recruitment of the autophagic machinery to sites of the Golgi
Ligia Gomes-da Silva
University of Coimbra, Portugal
17:20 The race to cell death: ALA-PDT
Zvi Malik
Bar Ilan University, Israel
17:40 What is behind the cytotoxicity of MB-PDT?
Ancély Ferreira dos Santos
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
17:55 Parthanatos versus apoptosis: different cell death mechanisms induced by photodynamic treatments as a function of the cell line
Jorge Soriano
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
18:10 New photosensitizers use for prostate cancer treatment by photodynamic therapy: in vitro and in vivo study
Bertrand Liagre
Université de Limoges, France
18:25 Epigenetic modifications involve in regulating the biological consequences of PDT-treated cells
Chin-Tin Chen
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
18:40 Methylene blue uptake and intermolecular interactions in microbial cells through fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)
Caetano Sabino
National Commission for Nuclear Energy, Brazil